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Homoeopathic Preventive Medicine against Viruses

We have been receiving many requests / questions / cross questions over the current disease outbreak news. Here are the queries and their answers:


Question: Doctor should we take Influenzinum / Ars alb 30 / Ars alb 200 as a prevention from any sort of virus?

Answer: No. No patients of any ages to take the above medicine.


Question: But why? It has been approved by official government agency for Homoeopathy?


Answer: We certainly don't go with the opinion, publicly expressed by the government agency because they have not substantiated their opinion with scientific data that is required to go against Homoeopathic Scientific literature which states that no single homoeopathic medicine can be taken as a Preventive Medicine without considering the complete individuality of the patient.  Rather such an intake irrespective of the individuality of a person will make the person susceptible for the infections.


Question: Then what should be done?


Answer: If you are already taking homoeopathic treatment from a qualified homoeopathic doctor, then you should request him / her for the homoeopathic medicine that will work as a Preventive Medicine against viruses and bacterias.


Question: But doctor earlier you said no single homoeopathic medicine can work as preventive and rather it makes a person susceptible to the infection?


Answer: Yes, that is correct a single homoeopathic medicine taken at any random time irrespective of your health assessment, will not work as preventive and will rather make one susceptible to the virus or infection. However, if your qualified Homoeopathic Doctor has taken your case in detail that includes emotional aspects of your day to day living, your Qualified Homoeopathic Doctor must have arrived at your Constitutional Medicine (Refer URL: http://www.drpradhan.com/home/homoeopathic-articles-top/general-top/7-constitution-what-is-it to know more about what do we mean by a Constitutional Medicine) then such medicine consumed at an appropriate time will act as a Preventive Homoeopathic Medicine. If you have already been given Constitutional Medicine specific to you as an individual then you should be rest assured that you have sufficient immunity to fight against any virus or bacteria be it novel or latest.  


Question: But doctor I am your patient and I trust you have already boosted my immunity, what about my friend or friend’s kid? Can you suggest anything for them?


Answer: Ideally blatantly no medicine can be suggested without having received their case in detail. However, it is recommended that they should contact a Qualified Homoeopathic Doctor nearest to them, narrate their case along with emotional states experienced by them in day-to-day living, and they will receive a Constitutional Homoeopathic Medicine specific to their individuality as a Preventive Medicine.


Question: One more thing doctor, someone suggested me a medicine that is mixture of multiple homoeopathic medicines, at least do you recommend me or my friend who is not your patients taking that?


Answer: Unfortunately our answer to this question too is *No* as the Homoeopathic Scientific Literature do not support a medicine which is mixture of multiple Homoeopathic Medicines as a rational homoeopathic medicine. Since you are already on my treatment as I told you earlier you are not supposed to take any other Homoeopathic or Ayurvedic Treatment and responsibility of your boosted immunity has already been taken care of by the regular homoeopathic medicines you collect weekly from us for your other ailment.


Question: But what about my friend then as he / she has never taken a Homoeopathic Treatment for anything?

Answer: As conveyed earlier he / she should visit a nearest Qualified Homoeopath and should start one.


Question: Doctor but please don’t mind, my friend don’t trust homoeopathy, since you are friendly with me I am dared to convey and ask you this, what way he / she should be protected?


Answer: 😊 I appreciate your honesty. You being a good friend him / her, share your experience with homoeopathy and generate trust within them for homoeopathy. Alternatively you may ask them to refer to URL: http://www.drpradhan.com/home/current-concerns to know more about changes in the daily routine that they can follow. If you feel I can be of any help to resolve their queries with regards to homoeopathy, do share my mobile and let them talk to me. Will help them resolve their issues with homoeopathy.


Question: But doc if you don’t mind can I ask last question, since they don’t trust homoeopathy can they take the mixture recommended for immunity against viruses?


Answer: Ideally when they don’t trust homoeopathy why they want to take even the mixture? Yet its their choice 😊


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