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World Homoeopathy Day – 10-April-2020

Ignoring Falling Apple – Act of Pseudo-Scientists   

By - Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan                                                                        Click Here to download PDF

               Wish you a Happy World Homeopathy Day – 2020. Being a scientist from bottom of my heart, before November 1987, I never blindly believed that Homoeopathy can cure diseases, however, as a scientist I could not ignore the science having clinical efficiency more than one. Right since first year BHMS whenever I prescribed or dispensed homoeopathic medicines, whatever knowledge I then had, it always healed the patient. In my earlier student days till the end of First BHMS (around November 1987), I never believed homeopathy works. However, though treated patients even out of mistrust before November 1987, the homoeopathic medicines cured patients. Then I learnt retrospectively that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s vision of cure prevails for centuries. As against that, generations of promising antimicrobials have become obsolete. My scientific mind could not simply ignore Curative Clinical Outputs patient after patient, simply because principles of modern physics and chemistry are incapable of explaining cure whereas Dr. Hahnemann’s logic can explain why homeopathy cured patients. I have written a detailed article – Homoeopathy: Science of Eras to come - on our website – www.drpradhan.com do read it for detailed background behind my love towards Homoeopathy.

Act of Pseudo-Scientists

If one Googles History of Gravity one will find that the concept of gravity was first described by an Indian Mathematician, Astronomer Brahmagupta (c. 598 – c. 668) using the term gurutvākarṣaṇam (गुरुत्वाकर्षणम्). Followed by many other scientists. Which was opposed by many pseudo-scientists as their point of view was since the gravity is not visible we cannot believe the concept of gravity. There were many pseudo-science stories that floated around through out the history to oppose gravitational concept. We distinctly remember falling apple described by Isac Newton with regards to the concept of gravity now. However, the then pseudo-scientists did not believe Newton. We know what gravity is all about today!  

 What we considered earlier is history, as of date, we still have pseudo-scientists who ignore millions of patients cured with the help of Homoeopathic Treatment. The only difference is in the history they were questioning falling apple, today they are questioning homeopathy. However, not all modern medicine doctors are same. There are rational modern medicine physicians / surgeons who are aware about homoeopathic cure and do refer patients for Homoeopathic Treatment, knowing well the limitations of their science.

Why do some act as pseudo-scientists? Who are these pseudo-scientists?

There is a scientific rationale for accepting a treatment as “administration-approved” treatment. Such a rationale follows certain clinical guidelines to carry out clinical research as per pre-defined protocols. Such protocols have inclusion and exclusion criteria, two trial arms and prescribes one single drug / remedy to all included in the trial. So far the same trial logic has been applied to homeopathic trials, completely overlooking the fact that the key requirement is to select one single remedy based on patient individualization. In other words, they tried to use one single ‘master’ key to open all locks. Or they tried one single set of biometric ID to unlock multiple devices on which the biometric ID has never been registered. It is but natural that the clinical trial is ought to fail, as the clinical trial meant for modern medicine and homeopathic medicine should have different protocols. As one such fragile / non-scientific protocol failed to yield the expected results, few pseudo-scientists blindly asserted that homoeopathy is not a science. They compelled certain foreign administrations to ban homeopathy from their national health system completely. In other words, the same pseudo-scientists who exist in the history questioning gravity few centuries ago, even exists in 2020.

Unfortunately, people are grievously suffering due to not having “approved” treatment for the pandemic disease as of April 2020. However, there are homoeopathic doctors who are trying to convince people to give us a chance to treat these patients stating we might be able to save them from suffering. Why people are not ready to accept the fact that some other science can cure it, is beyond my understanding. Is it their fear of losing market share? Or fear of vanishing profits in near future after the pandemic is over? What is projected to human beings that only “approved” treatment can be offered to patients suffering from pandemic diseases. I am speechless. For me World Homeopathic Day 2020 is a black day, when my fellow citizens are suffering helplessly from the pandemic disease, in spite of we knowing that Homoeopathy can cure, we homoeopaths are not given full chance to prove homoeopathy.   

    I prey to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann on his commemorative 265th birthday (also termed as World Homeopathic Day) – let the Science prevail to save lives and ease the suffering of mankind. Let humanity prevail.

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