Constitution: What is it?

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Published: Friday, 14 June 2013 13:45
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Constitution is defined as mental, physical make up of a person. A homeopathic consultation starts his consultation with the moment a person enters in a homeopath's consulting room. All it starts with the way a person looks, how he / she enters in the consulting room.

What is the significance? When any remedy is prescribed on the basis of the constitution of a person it cures the ailment permanently. In homeopathy the remedies are based on behavioral pattern of the person. If you study in depth the symptoms of homeopathic remedies then you will find as if you are getting your self introduced a new person. When a person grows up develops unique appearance looks, thinking process, different than others. When a person faces a stressful situation then the responses differ from person to person. Say for example if in a room a pigeon enters then may be some of those who are there will scream out of fear some will say why to fear its just a pigeon. This response comes out of individual perceptions of reality depending on the unique personality of that individual. At times it appears absurd that your homeopath asking you questions not related to your ailments directly. Questions such as what are a person's likings in the food, what kind of water he desires, cold or warm; type of weather the person needs, whether he is comfortable with cold atmosphere or in the hot atmosphere. This all is linked to a person's constitution, and a constitutional remedy is decided upon which should stimulate the vital force of the person. The vital force cures the condition the person suffering from. For knowing a person's constitution the homeopath needs to know whole life history of the patient.

As well with recent research and clinical evidences suggests that when a lady who is pregnant undergoes stress during pregnancy that stress do play a major role in deciding constitutional remedy of the child after birth. It is advisable for those who are willing to take homeopathic treatment that they should tell whole life story to the doctor.

It is also said that each and every person has his / her own perception of reality. In medical language can be termed as delusion. In Hindu literature it is described as 'bhram', a homeopath often needs to know this in order to make an exact prescription.

As well the physical appearance do matter along with mental make up of the person. You will find that a chubby, fair child will often be given Calcarea carb as that is the physical make up seen in Calcarea carb constitutional types. While on the other hand a sharp featured person will receive Phosphorus. The moment a right constitutional remedy is prescribed most of the clinical conditions responds to it. So always give detail history when you visit a homeopath.