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Homoeopathic Medicines during Journey

Always before traveling try to fore see ailment you may suffer on your vacation trip. Such clairvoyance will avoid spoiling your vacation. Try to take care so as to prevent common ailment you may come across while on vacation traveling. This article will prepare you for the same.

Homeopathic Medicines during Journey (Tour & Traveling)

Motion Sickness


  • Susceptible persons must avoid consuming excess food before embarking on a journey.
  • They should sit in the direction in which the car or train is moving.
  • They should place themselves, where there is adequate ventilation.
  • They should avoid unnecessary anxiety or tension before leaving on a journey.
  • If there is vomiting, the patient should have sufficient water.

Homoeopathic Management

  • Cocculus: It is indicated in persons who complain of nausea, giddiness and fainting, particularly while traveling by road or by air. It is to taken in its 200C potency, four hourly during the journey.
  • Nux Vomica: It is indicated in patients who complain of nausea and vomiting while traveling, due to persistent indigestion. It is to be taken in its 200C potency, every two hours till the patient feels comfortable.


Injuries always strike suddenly. One moment every thing is fine, the next moment, a person may find himself slipping down the stairs, or tripping over rough objects while walking and land up with an injury. Victims include all age groups, from small children to adults. The injuries may range from a minor bruise to a disabling fracture.


  • Always carry a first-aid kit.
  • Rest the injured part and clean the adjacent area.
  • If the wound is bleeding, an attempt should be made to arrest it by applying pressure or tourniquets.
  • Do not use rusted instruments for cleaning.
  • In case of burns, immediately keep the affected part under running water.

Homoeopathic Management

  • Calendula: This is homoeopathic antiseptic and can be used in the form of mother tincture, as a local application on the open wound. It helps in fast healing of the wound.
  • Arnica: This remedy should be taken after any blunt injury. Where there is no bleeding. It should be taken in its 30C potency every half hour, until the patient feels comfortable. This remedy also takes out the patient from shock of the injury.
  • Ruta: This is an excellent remedy for sprains. Twisting an ankle or arm may damage ligaments or muscles and cause severe pain. This medicine should be taken in its 30C potency, two to three times a day, until the pain has subsided.
  • Ledum Pal: This remedy is the homoeopathic anti-tetanus. It is indicated in injuries caused by sharp objects or by rusted instruments e.g. splinter in the finger. The pain is better by applying cold applications. It is to be taken in its 30C potency, twice a day, for a three to four days.


Diarrhea is the most common health problem in travelers. There may be a low-grade fever along with diarrhea. In a majority of cases, the symptoms subside within three to five days, but in severe infections, the quantity and frequency of stools may increase leading to dehydration. In such cases, it is better to seek professional advice.


  • Avoid having contaminated food and water.
  • Take bed-rest.
  • Drink plenty of fluids in the form of water, coconut water, rice-water canjee or arrowroot canjee.
  • If required, oral rehydration therapy should be given. In a glassful of water, one teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt are added and patient is advised to sip it at regular intervals.
  • Once the frequency of stools is reduced, then buttermilk, over-ripe bananas, apples, soft rice and curds can be taken.

Homoeopathic Management

  • Ars Album: It is indicated in diarrhea and vomiting, especially when food poisoning is suspected. These are associated with coldness of extremities, restlessness and weakness. It should be taken in its 30C potency, hourly until the symptoms subside.
  • Aloe Soc: It is indicated, where there is a great urgency to pass stools and the stools are mucoid, with great heaviness in the abdomen. It is to be taken its 30C potency, three to four times a day, till the patient feels comfortable.
  • China: It is indicated in those patients where weakness is the predominant feature, and the stools are attended with passing of flatus and a low-grade fever. It is to be taken in its 30C potency, every three hourly, until the patient is comfortable.


Therefore, friends, this time when you are traveling, do not forget to carry your homeopathic medical kit along with you. However, it must be noted, that these medicines are not a substitute for a doctor. These medications are recommended in cases where the doctor is not easily available.  

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