Homoeopathy is an Individual Specific Medical Science

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Published: Tuesday, 29 April 2014 05:45
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A homoeopath treats a man in disease not the disease in man.

Homeopathy Individual Specific Science

 While prescribing any homoeopathic medicine the doctor needs to judge your Individuality. Individuality in short means personality of a person.

The individuality is characterized by your mental make up, it means, how do you behave when you are normal. How do you respond to stress? Your anxieties, fears, etc. Physical appearance (how you look), liking & disliking in the food, comfortable feeling for a particular weather, etc. In short, individuality means how you are different from other persons.

Even though a patient has common cold a homoeopath will ask all the details. Though you may feel it is irrelevant to your sufferings it is very important from treatment point of view. Suppose five patients are suffering from cold they may require five different remedies. A remedy prescribed on this information is termed as constitutional remedy.

A remedy can also be prescribed only by considering main symptoms of the disease such a remedy is called as specific remedy. Such a remedy takes care of the ailment many times only for time being. Whatever medicines you take should cover your individuality to cure you permanently. That is always a single remedy in minimum dose.