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Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan - Consulting Homoeopath, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, India

I am Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan practicing as Consulting Homoeopath at Vile Parle east since 1993.

  Treatment Options Available - Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda

In our day to day living we get affected with diseases and have to resort to remedial treatment in India we have these options available to take remedial treatment from – Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and other therapies like massage, accupressure, accupuncture etc.

Difference between Allopathy, Homoeopathy and Ayurveda 

One can ask what is the difference between these options available? Allopathic medicines are medicinal molecules packed in the form of a capsule or a tablet that acts directly on the diseases cells, parts of the body, since concentrated in form may have larger side effects. To choose a allopathic medicine the doctor needs your symptoms only.

As against that homoeopathic medicines include a dynamically potentized form of pills, powder, liquids which includes fewer medicinal substances and greater energy. Since it includes more energy it has capabilities to penetrate the system at deeper levels. To choose a remedy the we need more details from a patient as behavioral pattern of the patient. We individualize a patient for individualized remedy which cures the patients from the root.

Ayurveda again includes extract of medicinal substances such as plants.

If you take an overview out of three ayurveda needs strict diet restrictions to be followed than homeopathy and allopathy.

Treatment Options Available - Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda 


This is how the medicines look like. Homoeopathic pills look like that, it is very difficult for even us to identify the medicine if the label is not there.

Individuality, what does it mean to a Homoeopath?

Every one will react differently to stress. The individual response will differ, we collect data from patients and then choose the remedy on the basis of individuality of the patient and of the remedy. Hence more details are required from patients.

  Homeopathy - Scope and Limitations

When we talk about medical treatment, each speciality has its own scope and limitations. If we take an overview, homeopathy can treat successfully acute diseases, chronic diseases, children’s diseases. Other conditions like medical emergencies, surgical diseases where ever the surgery is essential such as hernia, accidental fractures homoeopathy has limitations, yet it can help early recovery of fractures and wounds in patients after surgery.

  Homoeopathic Treatment - Process
When a patient is referred the process begins with receiving the case. Usually it takes about an hour or so for the first time patient whose case has to be taken. During the first consultation we usually ask many questions in order to arrive at the individuality of the patient to select the appropriate homoeopathic medicines. After the complete case is taken we establish diagnosis and explain the patient about his / her medical condition. We prescribe appropriate homoeopathic medicine. Homoeopathic treatment is not just one time process, it needs follow up in order to cure the condition completely.
Diseases Successfully Can be Treated with Homoeopathy 
Diseases Successfully Can be Treated with Homoeopathy 
Diseases Successfully Can be Treated with Homoeopathy 

With advances in medicine, homeopathy can treat a lot of chronic and acute diseases. Following diseases can be successfully treated with homoeopathic treatment:


Refer to article List (A to C), (D to F), (G & H), (I to O), (P to Z) of Diseases Cured with Homoeopathy for scope and limitations of homoeopathy is the diseases listed above.
Productivity Boost for an Organization 
Since homoeopathy treat mind and body together it increases productivity of employees

A dream referral would be an organization looking to undertake health risk assessment and productivity boost program
The Productivity Boost Program 

We do Organizational Health Risk Assessment Studies in order to boost productivity amongst employees, which involve:

A)     Organizational Health and Lifestyle Assessments,

B)     Corporate Medical and Health Enhancement Program

C)     Health Enhancement Presentations / Workshops

D)    Individual Health Enhancement Coaching at the Organizational level or as a follow up at our clinic

E) Health and Wellness Endurance Enhancements which increases the endurance of employees to sustain stress

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