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Diseases Cured with Homoeopathy - I to O

Diseases Cured with Homoeopathy

I have compiled a list of diseases that can be successfully treated, cured with the help of homoeopathy. May be some of the diseases skipped my mind while making this list of diseases. The view expressed in these subsequent article lists are my personal views which were formulated after experience in treating the diseases listed here. In order to formulate first hand impression during my internship I have read almost all the homoeopathic literature. This reading lead me to analyze the old literature and review it in the light of current medical practice. Hence the view of different homoeopath may differ from the ones expressed here. At times it has been proven over a period of time that some cases may fail to yield cure. However, the same cases treated by another homoeopath can be cured completely. Hence if some one has taken treatment from a homoeopath and if it has not yielded cure that does not mean that it is not possible to cure a particular disease. Homoeopathy per se have not failed but the physician’s approach to treat the case some where may have skipped some important milestone that lead to failure. Hence it is recommended that it should never be considered that homoeopathy failed in a certain condition, there still has a chance to get cured with another approach to the case.


Scope of Homoeopathy

Limitations of Homoeopathy

Other Details

Infertility - in men and women

1.   Primary or secondary – in men or in women can be successfully treated and cured.

2.   Cases where in modern medicine is not able to establish a cause-and-effect phenomenon can also be cured with homoeopathy.

3.   Assessment of case is done with the help of investigations typically carried out by a gynaecologist / obstetrician. 

Infertility secondary to mechanical causes such as incompetent fallopian tubes will need surgical intervention and cannot be treated with the help of homoeopathy.


At times for some investigations a gynaecologist’s / obstetrician’s help is required to assess the patient. At that time homoeopaths and gynaecologists / obstetricians need to work as a team trying to give the best possible science to the ailing.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Though a long lasting and debilitating disease it can be cured with the homoeopathic line of treatment.


Patients on sulfasalazine or other medications the drugs need to be tapered systematically. Immediate discontinuation of medication which are consumed over a period of time or to control intense signs and symptoms is not possible and is not advisable.


Due to Hepatitis A can be completely cured before the end natural course of the viral disease.

Due to Hepatitis B the signs and symptoms can be controlled. Cure of Hepatitis B is questionable and the patient has to be monitored for at least a period of five to ten years before committing total cure with all immune essays negative.


Kidney Stones / Renal Calculi

After homoeopathic treatment reduces in size and disappear. The recurrence can also be cured.

Bigger stones with pressure symptoms may need urologists help.


Leucoderma / Hypo-pigmented / Hyper-pigmented patches

Pigment disorders can be cured with the help of homoeopathy.


Exposure to sunlight along with high vitamin A diet is must in cases of hypo-pigmentation.

Meniere’s Disease (Trio – Deafness, Subjective Sensation of Sound Ears, Vertigo)

Can be cured with the help of homoeopathy



Menstrual Irregularities

Can be cured with the help of homoeopathy



Menopausal Complaints

Can be cured with the help of homoeopathy



Motion Sickness

Can be cured with the help of homoeopathy




Symptoms can be controlled where in the use of NSAIDs can be reduced and quality of life of patients can be improved.

Total cure is not possible in advanced stages in elderly patients.


Ovarian Cysts / Chocolate Cysts

Can be cured with the help of homoeopathy

Bigger cyst about to break open / or busted into abdominal cavity may need surgical intervention.


Also refer to article List (A to C), (D to F), (G & H)(P to Z) of Diseases Cured with Homoeopathy for scope and limitations of homoeopathy.


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