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Can Homoeopathic treatment be taken during pregnancy?

Yes. In fact homeopathic treatment during pregnancy is a must. Pregnancy is one of the epochs in woman's life during which if she receives homeopathic treatment it will be beneficial to her chronic illness. In addition the baby after birth will not suffer from any illness and will possess good immunity. Homeopathic treatment during last three months of pregnancy will aid safe and smooth delivery. Homeopathic medicines will facilitate normal labour where in a cesarean operation is indicated.  However, if cesarean is indicated due to baby's head is disproportionate / bigger to mother's pelvic outlet or due to any mechanical issues cesarean has to be performed.

You may contact us to buy pregnancy related publications such as a 1 hour documentary film on pregnancy or a booklet on Yoga during pregnancy. We also conduct ante-natal yoga sessions for pregnant women.

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