Can homeopathic medicines kill Bacteria or Virus?

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Published: Tuesday, 29 April 2014 07:50
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Homeopathic medicines plays vital role in curing an infectious diseases. Homeopathic medicines can kill bacteria in labs out of human body. This fact was clinically proved by an Indian Homeopath. When consumed in an infectious disease the medicines acts in two ways:

(A) It stimulates the life force (Vital Force) that governs the body through nerve endings which in its turn attack the bacteria, viruses to cure the illness.

(B) The medicine itself attacks the bacteria and viruses to kill them.

Cure with the first action (A) in Homeopathy is termed as cure with secondary action, which is long lasting and makes the immune system stronger.

Cure in the second way (B) is termed as cure with primary action, which is short term and does not make the immune system stronger. Homeopaths always try to cure a patient with secondary action, unless otherwise contraindicated.