Is there a homeopathic medicine for over weight / obesity?

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Last Updated: Saturday, 31 January 2015 16:18
Published: Saturday, 31 January 2015 16:18
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No there is no specific homeopathic medicine for obesity or weight gain, if the weight gain / obesity is not due to a disease. You might have came across many weight reduction centers using obesity homeopathic treatment / medicines, but such treatment cannot permanently cure obesity and one fine day you will have to work on your diet and physical exercise.

However, in diseases such as Hypothyroidism or in some mental disorders obesity is one of the symptom of the disease and is a pathological symptom, when such a pathological obesity is treated with removal of the root cause - cure of the underlying disease, obesity is cured permanently.

You may ask us further then what is the remedy for non-pathological obesity?

We have often seen in our clinical practice is that obesity is caused due to bad lifestyle - irregular eating habits, erratic fasting periods, lack of physical exercise. You will need to modify your lifestyle - control your diet and eating habits, do physical exercise such as brisk walking etc. Balance the "calorie equation" - Calorie input and output equation has to be balanced. Excess of calories has to be burnt by regular exercise.This will shape you well and will cure the obesity healthily.