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Wheezing, being short of breath, coughing, and feeling tightness in the chest may be symptoms of asthma, a disorder of the respiratory system. The airways that process air go into spasm and become narrowed, and breathing is hampered. Asthma attacks, which vary from mild to life threatening, can be triggered by exertion, such as exercise, by getting a cold, and by inhaling cigarettes or breathing cigarette smoke. Other agents that can trigger asthma include food and the food additives like preservatives, artificial colors, drugs, dust, feathers, and animal dander. Sudden changes in weather can also trigger an attack. The illness often begins in childhood. However, can also seen directly in an adult. Psychological stress can trigger an attack or can worsen one. More often there is a family history of allergy or asthma.


Asthma - Self Help

  1. Do not consume cold water immediately after exertion.
  2. Avoid food that contain preservatives, artificial colors.
  3. If you are taking any allopathic medicine consult your doctor to enquire whether that medicine has been precipitating the attacks.
  4. Try to get freedom from stress.
  5. Living quarters and workspaces should be kept as dust-free as possible.
  6. If you are asthmatic, avoid close proximity to trees flowering shrubs, and plants during the pollen season.
  7. Avoid other potential irritants like fur and feathers.
  8. Do not smoke and stay out of smoke-filled rooms.
  9. If you go outside in very cold weather, cove your nose and mouth with a scarf or mask.
  10. Start Deep breathing exercises which are helpful. Those who are affected by exertion, should choose their exercise carefully.
  11. Avoid sports that are performed outdoors in cold weather.


Asthma - Homoeopathic Treatment

  1. Constitutional Remedy. (Click Here to read more on Constitutional Remedy)
  2. Arsenic alb - Periodic onset of complaints. Marked periodicity the breathlessness aggravates at night at 1 am as well during the daytime at 1 pm.
  3. Blatta - A remedy prescribed to control an acute attack. Helps for time being has to be followed by a constitutional treatment.
  4. Thuja - Asthma when the person is exposed to cold basements. The asthmatic attacks starts after taking at the basements.
  5. Carbo veg - The patient has air hunger. The person craves for fanning. There is extreme cyanosis.
  6. Ipecac - The asthmatic attack is associated with intense nausea, followed by vomiting without any relief. The tongue is clean and the patient does not have thirst.
  7. Kali carb - The asthma is aggravated at 3 am in the morning. The patient is sleepless at that time. The one who has family tensions is more prone to such type of asthma.
  8. Pothos foetida - The asthma that gets aggravated after exposure to dust. The attack is better after passing stools.


Asthma - After the Homoeopathic Treatment

Asthma is curable with Homoeopathy. Usually after the patient responds curatively he /she can start having food that was restricted before. If the person fails to suffer fro the same complaints what he / she was suffering before then that indicates that the person has been cured. At times the treatment goes on for months. One needs to be patient during the treatment. After the complaints disappear the individual should be free from all diseases.

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