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Nearly everyone suffers form backache or back pain at one time or another. Among the causes of back pain are incorrect posture; poor muscle tone, especially in the abdomen; sitting in awkward position; and a sedentary lifestyle, such as spending most of your day at a desk or driving a car for hours. Straining to do manual labor or other work that involves lifting and carrying heavy loads can trigger back pain. Other mechanical causes include stress and compression fractures, torn muscles, and strained ligaments. Among the disease and disorders that can cause back pain are anemia, arthritis, tumor, kidney diseases, cystitis, gallstones, and emotional stress. Back pain often develops as the result of an accident in which discus or vertebrae sustain damage. The term "slipped disc" is frequently used to describe a prolapse of intervertebral disc, which is a structural disorder that may involve one or mover discs pressing on a nerve root or on the spinal cord. Pain at the back has many causes; the treatment differs as per the cause.


Backache - Self Help

  1. Practicing good posture and learn bow to lift, push and carry heavy objects without straining.
  2. When sitting, choose with a firm seat and adequate lower back support.
  3. Perform gentle exercises daily to tone back and abdominal muscles and prevent stiffness.
  4. If you have recurring back pain, avoid sports like football, tennis, and squash, which involve sudden and often back-wrenching movement.
  5. Women should not wear high heels exclusively.
  6. When seated, avoid crossing your legs. When standing, do not remain stationary.
  7. Periodically shift your weight from leg to leg, or prop one foot on a chair rung.
  8. To prevent back problems sleep on a firm mattress on your back or your side, with a pillow under your head.


Backache - Homoeopathic Treatment

  1. Constitutional Remedy. (Click Here to read more on Constitutional Remedy)
  2. Ferrum phos - Backache due to anemia. Commonly seen in women who have profuse periods.
  3. Natrum sulph - Backache in persons who had injury to spinal column, or backache after spinal anesthesia.
  4. Aesculus h. - Backache in patients with piles. Backache after stools for hours together.
  5. Kali carb. - Backache while walking. So intense that feels as if should remove the back.
  6. Rhus tox - Backache with rheumatic stiffness.
  7. Arnica - Backache after trauma.


Backache - After the Homoeopathic Treatment

Back pain is completely curable with Homoeopathic Treatment. After the treatment is stopped the patient must take certain precautions like maintaining good posture, not lifting heavy weight in a bad posture, etc. Usually the underlying causes are cure with the help of Homoeopathic treatment. Hence the chances of recurrences are minimal. In cases where the cause of back pain was anemia, the individual must maintain healthy & complete diet.