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What is it?

Acidity is a condition caused by stressful life. Usually mental stress stimulates a nerve that supplies the stomach and because of which there is acidity. The common symptoms of acidity are: burning in the pit of the stomach. Nausea after meals, Eructation that burns while coming up. At times in severe cases the patient gets vomiting. It is also known as: Acid Peptic Disease, Heartburn.


Acidity - Self Help

  1. Drink a cup of milk every day.
  2. Eat a banana or two every day.
  3. When you are tensed try to relax your self.
  4. Discontinue medications that are giving rise to acidity with your doctor's consent.
  5. Avoid coffee, alcohol, tobacco, large meals, and citrus fruits.
  6. Avoid eating 2 to 3 hours prior to bedtime.
  7. Lose weight, if needed.


Acidity - Homoeopathic Treatment

  1. Constitutional Remedy. (Click Here to read more on Constitutional Remedy)
  2. Natrum Phos - Is useful in all forms of acidity complaints.
  3. Bismuth - Acidity leading to vomiting as soon as the patient eats anything.
  4. Nux vom - Acidity because of smoking and drinking alcohol.


Acidity - After the Homoeopathic Treatment

  1. You are relieved of the complaint you are suffering from.
  2. Complete cure is possible with homoeopathic treatment.
  3. You should not suffer from the same complaints even if you relax your dietetic restrictions.
  4. Certain restrictions like no smoking, not having alcohol in excess, to be continued.