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Anemia is a sign of few diseases and also diseases in itself. Anemia has been identified as a reduction of hemoglobin in the blood, which carries oxygen throughout the body. Anemia occurs when there is bleeding, when bone marrow cannot produce enough red blood cells, when those produced have a defect, or when something interferes with the survival of red blood cells. Iron-deficiency anemia, caused by heavy or recurring bleeding, is the most prevalent form of the disorder. Persistent bleeding may occur from the digestive tract and is associated with diseases like gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, including leukemia and kidney disease, can produce anemia. Some types of anemia can be traced to genetic disorders. In children and adolescents, anemia can often be traced to insufficient dietary intake of iron. Loss of blood in menstruation is typically the cause of anemia among girls and women. In men, chronic occult bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract often leads to iron deficiency anemia. Signs and symptoms of anemia include fatigue, pallor, irritability, loss of appetite, backaches, headaches, soreness in the mouth and breathlessness. The homeopathic science suggests that deficiency should have to be corrected by necessary dietetic supplements.


Anemia - Self Help

Eating foods that contain adequate, easily absorbed sources of iron may be the best policy for anemia prevention. A balance diet that provide the Recommended Daily Allowance of iron is generally sufficient to guard against anemia. Certain chemicals interfere with iron absorption, for example, tannin in tea, polyphenols in coffee, and cadmium in cigarettes. Avoid these items those interfere iron absorption. Other important nutrients are folic acid, used by bone marrow to produce blood, and vitamin B12. Your diet should contain following beverages in order to prevent Anemia:

·    Dates,

·    Coriander,

·    Green leafy vegetables,

·    Liver are good sources of iron.

While one is having these items, ideally, they should also consume corn in natural form, as corn enhances absorption of iron from the gut into the blood.


Anemia - Homoeopathic Treatment

  1. Constitutional Remedy. (Click Here to read more on Constitutional Remedy)
  2. Cinchona officinalis - Anemia due to loss of body fluids. Great weakness followed by blood loss or followed by loss of body fluids.
  3. Ferrum met - This remedy is prescribed for pure anemia, all the features are well marked of anemia. There are murmurs heard in the chest because of anemia.
  4. Natrum mur - Anemia because of loss of body fluids. Anemia secondary to malaria. The patient is this, desires salt. Takes salt more than what others might take.


Anemia - After the Homoeopathic Treatment

Anemia is curable with Homoeopathic treatment, provided by the patient maintains dietetic restrictions along with the treatment. Often constitutional treatment takes care of the underlying cause of Anemia. After the treatment the individual should maintain his / her diet in order to stay healthy. If he / she resorts back to their original diet which was not containing iron then there are high chances that they might suffer again from anemia. If the anemia is secondary to a disease, once that disease has been cured there are no chances of anemia recurring back.

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