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Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) - Homeopathic Cure, Prevention, Treatment

Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019 - nCoV)

Do not panic.

Corona Virus can be cured with the help of Homeopathy and it is a curable disease.

Those patients who do not have immuno-compromised diseases, conditions (such as Cancer, AIDS, Old age) and suffering from Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) have recovered  completely. India yet has to witness cases / patients suffering from Coronavirus.


You may have received following messages:

There is medicine available for Coronavirus in homeopathic stores. Visit a homeopathic store to purchase Influenzinum 200 or Ars alb 200

Burn ample of Camphor to get rid of Coronavirus

Do not eat Chicken, Eggs, Non-veg as it may have Coronavirus

... ......................

However think twice before buying a medicine. Is such information spread on social media authentic?

We opine, no it's not authentic. Why?:

(A) Influenzinum

Influenzinum is a generic homeopathic remedy indicated for an individual case of influenza that is viral cold, cough with fever (scientifically proved as per the existing homoeopathic pharmacopias).

However the homoeopathic theory does not support a curative medicine taken as a preventive. One should consult their homeopathic doctor for taking a constitutional homeopathic remedy, which is scientifically proven to prevent epidemic diseases when consumed rationally.

However, yet some of the homeopaths will insist that this remedy is a Genus Epidemicus. In Homoeopathy we give preventive medicine only on the basis of ‘Genus Epidemicus’. The Genus Epidemicus is decided on the basis of symptoms seen amongst the patients in a specific locality. With regards to the message circulated on social media about Influenzinum / Ars alb it seems the message is circulated by pharmacy store owners to derive unethical benefit of the situation. How the pharmacy store owners reached Influenzinum or Ars alb as Preventive medicine? As per Homeopathic Materia Medica the Influenzinum or Ars alb is not indicated for Coronavirus. It is dangerous to consume the remedy unless and until it is indicated.

It is true that homeopathy can cure Coronavirus but the remedy / homeopathic medicine has to be prescribed by a homeopath under his / her supervision. The medicine chosen to treat Coronavirus will be on the basis of signs and symptoms seen by an individual patient, the patient’s constitutional medicine or in some case a genus epidemicus.

(B) Ars alb - this is a broad spectrum medicine, commonly used for Asthma, Skin Conditions, Diarhoea, however, it is indicated in individual having unique individualistic features. If prescribed or consumed in absence of unique individualistic features it has no action what so ever may be the physical symptoms of the patients.

(C) Burning camphor does not kill any virus what so ever. However, huge quantities of camphor vapors inhaled can lead to camphor poisoning. Hence burning camphor in quantities has no impact on the virus.

(D) Avoid Non-veg Food Intake - it has been noticed in China certain markets were selling prohibitory wild animals. However, in India we neither sell prohibitory wild animals nor do we eat such wild animals who are prone to be carriers of Coronavirus. In India the non-veg food items legitimately allowed to be traded in Indian markets include fish caught from Indian Seas, Chicken, Mutton, Eggs. Till date these animals consumed as food items have not been found infected or carriers of Coronavirus. On the contrary such high protein food may help strengthening immunity. Hence there is no need to panic and there is no need to stop consumption of Indian non-veg food items. 

How to Prevent Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV):

Coronavirus can be prevented by simple measures such as:

  1. Ample of Water – 1.5 to 2 liters per day
  2. Balanced Diet – includes high proteins such as sprouts, fish, egg; citrus fruits such as guava, lemon, oranges which contains a lot of vitamin C
  3. Physical Exercise, Yoga, Meditation – regular, consistent schedule  
  4. Personal Hygiene – such as washing hands, not taking hands nearer to face, mouth, cleaning nose with plain simple water at least once in a day

An individual is prone for epidemic diseases if he / she is not following the above preventive strategy and is bowed down with stress (mental / physical). Too much worry about the epidemic disease is also attributed as mental stress attracting an epidemic disease. Why start the 'epidemic disease story' when you can very well prevent it by simple, easy means and being worry free.


Do not purchase Influenzium 200, Ars alb 200 as it cannot prevent Coronavirus. It is scientifically not indicated for prevention of Coronavirus. Some pharmacy owners have spread this message without any logic for their own sales target.

Do not burn Camphor in Holi in large quantities as it can be poisonous and can kill people due to inhalation of Camphor vapors.

It is true that homoeopathic treatment can cure as well as prevent Coronavirus. However, considering the life threatening complications, it is advisable to take such (preventive or curative) treatment from a qualified homeopath.

Yet do not be afraid of Coronavirus as only fewer percentage of patients who already are suffering from immuno-compromised diseases, conditions develop life threatening complications and most of the other Coronavirus patients get cured.

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