Healthiance Quality of Living Clinic

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Healthiance Quality of Living Clinic

Healthiance Quality of Living Clinic ( is a registered partnership firm as per The Partnership Act 1932 (Click Here for referring the act).

The clinic is located at a calm and quiet locality - at the heart of Vile Parle East near the vegetable market. It is 5 minute's walk away from the Vile Parle railway station.

Following are the features of our clinic:

  1. Structured timely appointments: As the partners believe in giving quality time to the patients the clinic schedules patients by appointment only. The doctors see the patient exactly at the appointment time.
  2. No Waiting Queue: Since the clinic strictly adheres to the time slot allotted to the patients you will never see a queue of patients waiting out in the waiting room.
  3. Computerized Case Processing: The clinic is well equipped with a higher end work station helps the doctors to process a homeopathic case using a computer repertory. The computerized processing aids easy and quick search for a correct homeopathic remedy yielding precise cure. 
  4. Reference Books: ample of reference books including Homeopathic Materia Medica, Homeopathic Repertory, Modern Medicine books are easily available for the doctors for a quick reference. Keeps the knowledge of the doctors affiliated with Healthiance Quality of Living Clinic sharp. 
  5. Temperature balance: Split air conditioner installed at the premises balances the temperature within the consultation room allowing the patient to be at comfort while interacting with the doctors.
  6. For distant patients the clinic offer Skype Consultation through Skype ID Skype Consultation ID healthiance. Click Here to know more about how to set up a Skype Appointment through Skype ID Skype Consultation ID healthiance.
  7. Payment Options: The clinic accepts payment by cash, cheque, NEFT, credit and debit cards - RuPay, VISA, MasterCard, State Bank Collect and keeps patients hassle free while handling payments to be made to the clinic.  Credit Cards and Debit Cards - RuPay, VISA, MastCard Accepted here *